Top 12 Interior Design Trends for 2018

Top 12 Interior Design Trends for 2018

10th April 2018

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Every year brings something new and exciting — materials, finishes, colours and different ideas for us to incorporate into our homes.

These trends offer serious design inspiration to kick off the New Year with a completely fresh nest.

1. Youniverse

This year designers, architects and product manufacturers are looking to embrace individualization and customization.

This involves the possibility of consumers co-creating the goods they purchase thanks to fast-developing technology.

Individualization changes how people relate to brands as more consumers aspire for greater self-expression by getting involved in the creation and design process. The greater the customer’s input into the creation process, the more closely they identify with the brand.

New and more sophisticated technologies are making it possible to create uniquely personalized customer experiences and a “Unique Youniverse”.

2. Rich and Bold Pigments

Moving away from sophisticated warm neutrals, 2018 trends are feeling braver and edgier with bold colour choices on walls and decorative accents.

Expect an abundance of greens; including forest, cactus, sage, and striking emerald with a blend of brown colour shades.

We also turn to the sunny shades to make cheerful, cosy statements with warm rich yellows paired best with cream and earthy terracotta accents.

This pairing looks gorgeous on tactile materials such as textiles, wood and tiles.

Vibrant deep reds will also be popular in interior design this year; for instance, an accent wall in exotic chinoiserie red gives a home a sense of impactful design and helps energize and harmonize the room.

Pink has also developed a new sense of strength and freshness this year.

Dipping a room in deliciously inviting colours and giving it an exciting boost is a fun way to embrace hues such as dusty rose and blush.

These barely-there colours combine the simple chic of ecru and the vivacity of a classic pink.

3. Authentic and Artisan Textures

Natural textures are very fitting for the times and are a big thing this season.

The visual airiness of naturally handmade furniture takes a playful role with the use of materials such as wood, stone and rattan to push forward this trend.

Natural artisan furniture pieces, fixtures and accessories evoke a timeless, irresistible charm and add some air of sophistication.

Natural materials have fantastic textures and incorporating them into your design adds originality to a modern home decor while creating a space with longevity that will stand the test of time.

4. Glittery Gold

Gold has been somewhat eclipsed by brass and copper over the last few years, but it is set to make a major comeback.

It works particularly well when teamed with dark wood and soft upholstery fabrics such as velvet.

Gold brings its own special warmth and comfort together with a sense of decadence.

Test your tolerance with the inclusion of some gold in key pieces like doorknobs and handles, sculptural vases, picture frames, candlesticks and lamps.

Soft pink and emerald green both accentuate gold tones effortlessly.

5. Bold Wallpaper Prints

Another year welcomes another wave of wallpaper trends to transform your home interior.

From the bedroom to the powder room and beyond, wallpaper is the perfect way to breathe new life and artistry into your home.

The tropical patterns are back and strongly in vogue.

Give character to any living space with wallpaper that mixes plenty of lush and energizing greens as well as bold forest patterns.

6. Back to Black

From black light fixtures to charcoal-hued kitchen cabinets and inky hardware — black is back with a bang.

Black has always been an intriguing colour to decorate with, and this year it’s being used beyond furniture.

The sleek and dark stylishness of black adds a touch of elegance and power when paired with metals such as gold.

Black accessories, wallpaper, artwork and patterned sofa or a chandelier are the best way to incorporate this rich tone and allure to any room.

7. Vibrant, Patterned Plants

Indoor plants remain a hot topic while offering a very fresh approach this season.

There’s more to their aesthetics as they create calm environments in this busy world and help clean the indoor air.

However, resurrection of funky foliage is increasingly being seen as a way to boost up a room’s overall appeal and ambience.

Big leafy plants are fantastic and make great centerpieces in any room.

If you are going to invest in some house plants this year, just make sure they’re patterned. According to Pinterest, saves for this type of plants were up a whopping 533%.

The eye-catching prayer plant is set to boom in popularity, along with other vibrant and patterned foliage.

8. Mirrors as Accent Pieces

Mirrors are not only an elegant touch but a great way to achieve the illusion of additional space and maximize a room’s style.

They also play a more supportive role in a home decor layout; for instance, an accent mirror becomes the artwork in minimal settings.

How you place them can work to your advantage — using a series of built-in mirrors facing each other can create an infinity effect.

Mirrors can be used as a focal point of a room, for a little more personality and flair and to help elevate your interior to something far from basic.

9. Art-Deco Inspired

This year’s most popular interior design looks focus on making a big impact with rich playful colours, bold geometry, and unique exuberant shapes that give a room a timeless quality.

Art-deco style brings all this glamour in 2018 with great influence in architectural detailing such as coffered ceilings, wall coverings and bronze-framed windows, and in exotic veneers and luxurious materials like velvet and metal inlays.

Adding a curved sofa for shape and personality is the best way to introduce hints of this style into your design scheme.

Brushed and shiny gold vintage-inspired dramatic light fixtures also accentuate the art-deco concept.

Oversized Floor and freestanding lamps will give your home an extra dimension and for entertainment spaces, opt for the grandeur and opulence of a chandelier.

10. Statement Lighting

To create a room that impresses, lighting should be the central aspect of your home’s design scheme.

2018 lighting trends combine sculptural elements with glamour — and homeowners are falling in love with bigger fixtures that offer a timeless and iconic look.

More than lighting, dramatic fixtures look more like a form of art and act as centerpieces.

There is emphasis on rich metallics this season and many lighting purveyors are getting in on the trend, offering a variety of lovely gold-coloured light fixtures including various gold sconces and lamps.

11. Decluttering

This season’s trends inspire spacious and airy rooms that are inviting and comfortable.

De-cluttering your home helps de-clutter your mind — ultimately offering a stress-free, pleasant and minimal lifestyle.

It is important to know the difference between good and bad clutter.

Good clutter is keeping sentimental and meaningful items; stacks of books perfectly displayed on shelves and having a few pieces of art on or against the wall. Planned storage such as cabinets, custom closets, Murphy beds and making the most of any nooks can help eliminate clutter.

Design storage around the things your family actually uses and get rid of all that is unnecessary.

12. Morality

Future trends in interior design are strongly influenced by increased pressure to utilize sustainable raw materials and processes.

Take wood for example; a high percentage of it is used in interior and exterior design.

There is an interest in certified wood source materials in order to avoid illegally harvested wood.

More buyers are seeking companies with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certifications.

Homeowners and designers also search out companies that promote global fair trade, where people who are economically challenged receive fair compensation for being “out-sourced” — despite race, ethnicity and age.

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