27 Curated British Interior Designing Blogs That You Need To Know About (2021)

27 Curated British Interior Designing Blogs That You Need To Know About (2021)

15th January 2021

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The Significance of Interior Designers

Interior designers are the curators of the old and the creators of new. They innovate to make our spaces functional, safe, and beautiful, relieving us of this arduous task. Simply by implementing the right colors, lighting, and materials, interior designers refashion our homes and elevate the appeal that they have on our emotions. In fact, their actions often subconsciously affect various aspects such as our lifestyle, work satisfaction, time spent with our families, and our wellness

Interior Designers And The Internet

The rise of blogging and social media allowed interior designers to connect with people far and wide, and thereby build quite an audience for themselves. In fact, you might be following an interior designer yourself. And there could be various reasons for this.

Perhaps, their designs appeal to your tastes and preferences. Perhaps, you might have worked closely with them in the past and would like to work again in the future. Or perhaps, you might simply like the interior design ideas that they provide via their blogs.

If, by any chance, the third reason is your motivation for following a particular interior designer, you will be elated. For we have a treasure trove of such notable blogs from the greatest interior designers providing ideas, news, insights into events, etc. Check them out, if you want. Who knows, you might find your preferred interior designer on this list. Or even better, you might find another blog to resonate with.

Alexander James Interior Design

Alexander James Interior Design is one of the most influential names in interior design. Now, this blog isn’t actually owned by an individual designer. Rather, it is maintained by the Alexander Group of Companies, a company that has been catering to the needs of property developers, private clients, and hotel groups, present all around the world.

Over the years, the group of companies has worked tirelessly to create an impressive list of clientele – Millgate Homes, Octagon Developments, and Berkley Homes being some of them. Alexander James Interior Design provides interior designing services for numerous fields, such as private residences, show homes, hotels, leisure locations, project management, interior architecture, and floor coverings.

Check out their blog, at: https://www.aji.co.uk/interior-design-blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Kia Designs

Kia Designs is a leading interior design firm established in the creative streets of London by Kia Stanford, a hugely-ambitious designer in her own right. The firm manages an interior design blog, set-up in the same name. Their blog showcases numerous effective and enchanting solutions, hinting their innovative nature.

Kia Designs primarily focused on providing designing and redesigning services to residential clients. With an ever-growing team, of the most innovative designers, coordinators, and installation crew, the team provides a bag full of exemplary services, such as planning, architecture design, furniture design, styling, product procurement, online project management, etc.

Check out their blog at: http://www.kiadesigns.co.uk/kia-designs-blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

René Dekker Design

René Dekker Design is one of the leading design studios, set-up in London by the eminent René Dekker. The business flourished owing to the philosophy and experience of the founder. Their high-quality work has enabled them to build long-term relationships with numerous clients, including prominent developers for buildings, workspaces, luxury homes, apartments, yachts, and hotels.

To showcase its excellence, the company launched a blog on its website documenting numerous aspects in its line of work. Not only are these blogs pleasant to read, but they also easily one can improve their home architecture. Moreover, with blogs showing how lighting and certain materials can innovatively enhance your designs, they certainly take interior designing a step ahead.

Check out their blog at: https://www.renedekker.co.uk/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Rockwell Group

The Rockwell Group, in their own words, is an interdisciplinary firm, focusing on innovating and creating thought-provoking solutions in each and every project that they undertake. Started way back in 1984, this firm was founded by David Rockwell and led by partners, Shawn Sullivan and Greg Keffer.

The first distinguishable aspect that you notice upon arriving at the Rockwell Group blog, is the aesthetically-pleasing interface. Created quite deftly, the blog serves as a perfect holster for the articles meant to be published. With their blog, the group perfectly showcases their numerous achievements over the years. Furthermore, it also contains leisurely articles, such as 11 Most Stylish New Restaurants in New York City, that are sure to please you immensely.

Check out their blog at: https://www.rockwellgroup.com/blogs

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Rachel Laxer Interiors

Rachel Laxer Interiors’ specialty lies in the art and post-war functional art in interior design. This London and New York-based firm focuses its magic primarily on high-end luxury residential homes, hospitality, and corporate spaces to deliver exclusive results.

Coming to the blog, the Rachel Laxer Interiors blog is quite mentally-pleasing due to its minimalist nature. All articles provided are neatly arranged in columns. However, that’s not even the best part, the blog contains the sharpest batch of articles that you could come across.

Ranging from simple designs for homes to vintage design ideas to create the ultimate luxury spa, this blog has all that you could ever ask for. Furthermore, it also contains interviews with eminent individuals in the field of interior design, something that is quite missing in other blogs.

Check out their blog at: http://rlaxerinteriors.com/category/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]


When talking about eminent interior designers, there is no scope of ignoring the name Sue Timney. It has been over 30 years since Sue started working, and yet she is relentless. The widely-acclaimed designer has been working extensively on projects that celebrate her brand of exotic classicism under Timney Fowler and Sue_Timney brands.

When we said that Sue Timney works extensively on projects concerning exotic classicism, we weren’t joking. And the Sue_Timney blog is a testament to this. The blog is packed with articles that guide you through the wonders of classic interior designing. With articles focusing primarily on architectural spaces such as Sir John Soane’s Museum, its Decorex, its Postmodernism, 1980s Fashion Print, Living in Style in London, the Arkitextiles series, and so much more. All-in-all, this blog should be your one-stop-shop for exploring our elegant past.

Check out their blog at: https://suetimney.wordpress.com/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

TH2 Designs

TH2 Designs is another interior design firm, acclaimed for delivering spaces that stand out from the crowd. Started more than 20 years ago, TH2 Designs is hugely reputed for fiercely working on projects for private clients, while magnifying their effect on the landowners. And it was this ferocity that elevated them into a leader of the interior design industry.

Upon arriving at the TH2 Designs blog, the first aspect that catches your attention is the meticulousness observed detail while writing these blogs. Even the smallest things affecting the interior design, such as placing your wallpaper correctly, optimum bed suppliers, simple aspects for creating calm interiors, etc. And that’s not all. The blog also contains in-depth articles such as case studies, interviews, reflecting on the past designs that went viral, etc.

Check out their blog at: https://www.th2designs.co.uk/blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Vorbild Architecture

Vorbild Architecture is a registered Chartered Practice in the United Kingdom. Their practice focuses on bettering clients’ lives by complementing the small things surrounding their lives. Moreover, they provide consistent results, irrespective of your involvement with the project, that appeal to you at the best they can.

The Vorbild Architecture blog is another ingenious addition to this list. For their blog takes you on a graphic journey through the streets of the United Kingdom with blogs such as Visiting Salone di Mobile 2019 Milan, Neoclassical Architecture in Nice, France, Haussmannian Style Architecture in France, etc. Moreover, educational articles seal the deal with offerings such as Where to Find an Architect, Choosing a Plot of Land in France, Living Room Design, and much more!

Check out their blog at: https://vorbild.co.uk/articles-vorbild-architecture/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Cato Creative

Humility is a word that best defines Cato Creative. In their own words, they are a small London-based architectural practice, focused on creating homes for comfortable living. They practice produces beautifully-designed homes, that transform their clients’ imagination to reality. And with their diverse experience, they effortlessly tackle projects irrespective of their complexity or the individuality.

Social media might be an optimum means for connecting with the Cato Creative family. However, it is seldom as effective as their blog. With a diverse range of articles, the blog keeps you constantly updated about their work. Be it about tackling fresh projects or about introducing new members, or even their television appearances, the blog has it all. And, you also get to know about design ideas, newly-launched services, and their case studies.

Check out their blog at: https://www.catocreative.com/cato-creative-blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]


Based in a bustling corner near Wandsworth Common, South West London, is the award-winning architectural and interior design practice named as Ensoul. The practice delivers house renovation services, primarily to experienced clients including project managers or procurement specialists. Ensoul innovates like none other. By innovating every step that they take, the practice transforms their clients’ expectations into tangible results.

The Ensoul blog should be your foremost destination for last-minute designing or long-term implementations. Be it for transforming your homes before Christmas to tips for managing your home projects, to designing media rooms in your home this blog has it all. And unlike any other blog on this list, the blog also caters to the needs of your children ensuring that they get the best living experience as well.

Check out their blog at: https://ensoul.co.uk/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]


Simplicity, straightforwardness, and transparency. This is the motto that Opun adheres to and abides by while working on their projects. The practice was set-up in 2014 by Rod Brown and John Cushing with one particular aim in mind – to improve homes simply, yet elegantly. And by minding these principles, the practice has successfully created innumerous revolutionary ways for improving homes across the entirety of the UK.

If you’re a novice in the field of interior designing, then the Opun blog should be your only stop for information. The blog covers articles from every aspect of interior designing, be it redoing bathroom architecture, or creating a cosy home office, or even designs for inflating your home value in the long run. Furthermore, this blog also dexterously informs you of factors to be considered in interior designing with creatively-written articles.

Check out their blog at: https://opun.co.uk/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Studio G

To say that Studio G is a master at creating elegant, timeless, and unique interior designs would be a huge understatement. For this group of architectural designers, originating from Surrey, work their magic to guarantee the best experience that a client could ever ask for. Equipped with their vision to create unique and functional design solutions, Studio G combines expertise and discipline to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Their creative flair is hugely visible on their blogs. Whether you need a solution to enhance your development needs or you just want to spend some leisure time reading, rest assured, their blogs are what you want. With blogs such as Rainy Day Brainstorming, A Fabulous Power Room!, Modern Living, Be My Guest! An much more, Studio G shows how easy it is to turn any architecture into an impressive and elegant design project.

Check out their blog at: https://www.studioginteriordesign.com/studioginteriordesign-blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Jackson and Co.

Jackson and Co. is an interior design firm which stems from a British and Ghanian heritage. Set-up back in 2016, the firm is widely popular for its ability to meet the needs of their clients, irrespective of what it is. In fact, the company is widely known for its ability to redesign the most dreary of spaces and convert them into an area brimming with life.

Unlike the other blogs on this website, the Jackson and Co. blog is quite new. In fact, it is surprising to find relatively fewer blogs on this page. Regardless, the few blogs present are quite interesting in their might. For one, these blogs beautifully explore the interior designing ideas originating from the African continent. Besides, it also explores various other forms of designing, both basic and luxury.

Check out their blog at: https://www.jacksonandcodesigns.com/blog

Or, shoot them a mail at:  [email protected]

Maurizio Pellizzoni

Any interior designer, irrespective of where he lives, has to have heard about Maurizio Pellizzoni. This interior designer was born to be inducted into this exact field. Maurizio grew up near Lake Como, in an affluent family of the interior designing business. After establishing his consultancy in 2007, he embedded his Italian roots into his projects, giving an unrivaled superiority in his range of residential and commercial projects.

Although Maurizio has been working extensively in numerous avenues, the one area garnering most of his attention is yachts. His blog is a testament to this. For his blog is superbly adorned with interior yacht designs, segregated as per your needs and wants. As you dive deeper into the blog, you will find articles on other topics as well, including imperial bathrooms, interviews, residential projects, and much more!

Check out their blog at: http://www.mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk/blog

Or, shoot them a mail at: [email protected]

Casa Forma

Casa Forma might appear to be just another website on this list, but you would be wrong in assuming that. The firm specializes in providing services associated with decorative and structural design. Having worked numerous projects, the firm has received immense clarity regarding client needs. This has enabled them to provide meticulous services that accord with uncompromisable standards.

Elegance and simplicity. These two words perfectly define the Casa Forma blog. Defined in a manner where you can preview all topics, this blog enables you to read through these topics without actually opening them. Moreover, the blog features several topics of articles, comprising of trends, designs, tips, and tricks, etc. that are sure to engross you in no time.

Check out their blog at: https://www.casaforma.co.uk/blog-pages/page-1/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Catherine Wilman

Catherine Wilman is another interior design firm set-up back in 2000 in the bustling city of London. Since then, they have been actively tackling projects concerning contemporary homes for residential clients and property developers in the city of London. With their experience in interior design, architectural drawings, and project management, the firm has delivered numerous projects providing significant experience increase in the lives of their customers.

The Catherine Wilman blog is, by far, one of the most active blogs that we have ever seen. For one, the blog actively propagates simple design ideas, easily enforceable by anyone. Be it planning in your kitchen, fitted wardrobes, luxury bathrooms, bedrooms, and so much more! The content present on the blogs is quite engrossing to the point where you might even keep them.

Check out their blog at: https://www.catherinewilman.com/interior-design-ideas

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Roselind Wilson Design

Started back in 2010, Roselind Wilson Design is an interior design firm led by the Wilson sisters – Roselind and Geraldine. Started primarily by Roselind Wilson, the firm witnessed Geraldine joining the firm six years later as the Chief Marketing Officer. Today, these sisters, and best friends use their unshakable bond to tackle exciting and unique ventures in the UK as well as on the international marketplace.

If you are a fan of ongoing trends, awards, and tips and tricks, then the Roselind Wilson Design blog is bound to appeal to you. With trends that comprise articles from prominent magazines such as, the Interior Design Magazine, the Irish Times, the Homestead Magazine, etc. And that’s not all. The blog actively features a section dedicated specially for notable design awards as well as simple guides that you can implement in your home environments.

Check out their blog at: https://www.roselindwilsondesign.com/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

The Open Plan

A massively-affluent designer, Lisa Roberts-Goldner had worked with numerous glorious interior design companies. However, there came a time in her life when she felt it was time to showcase her skills and shine as one of the greats. And that’s exactly what she did after the launch of The Open Place in 2008. For, she brought forward a wave of fresh designs that completely dominated the market. In fact, it was due to the efforts of her and her team that she won numerous accolades.

However, the firm didn’t just win accolades for their designing efforts. In fact, their blog is so magnanimously creative that it has won numerous awards on its own, the most recent one being nominated for the Best Interior Designer Blog by the Amara Interior Blog Awards. A few most notable articles greet on you here include interior design guides, using eco-friendly materials, ongoing trends, design news, and such.

Check out their blog at: http://www.theopenplan.com/blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Owl Design

Founded by Simone Gordon and Sophie van Winden, Owl Design focuses its services on clients present both in the residential and commercial sectors, all ranging from homeowners to businesses and even developers. The firm specializes in creating spaces and experiences, something that you will never want to leave behind. Moreover, their timeless and unique interiors not only extend a warm welcome but also help the inhabitants to function properly as well as enjoy the aesthetics.

However, being timeless and unique aren’t the only prominent factors of this firm. Their blog also plays a wide role in the lives of their clients. For this blog is a boon for people who like blogs focusing on a particular series. The blog contains numerous series including the Evolving Home series, the Own Design Trails, the Insta-Interior Series, and much more. Each of these series focuses on a particular theme and investigate its entire composition.

Check out their blog at: https://www.owldesign.co.uk/blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Pia Design

Pia Design is all about sustainability in design. Started by Pia Pelkonen, Pia Design uses the power of sustainability in their services while working their magic on their clients’ spaces. Furthermore, Pia Design focuses exclusively on a green approach, by working on projects involving paperless and plastic-free initiatives. Such an initiative has long-since been helping them to provide better, authentic interiors for their clients.

The blog for Pia Design shows how the firm has been using green initiatives and staying true to their word. However, you might also be taken by surprise when you arrive at it. For one, this blog has relatively few articles focusing on interior design. Rather, they give insights on the life of the owner, Pia Pelkonen. Furthermore, the blog also imparts wisdom regarding various philosophies such as soft skills, using the power of self-confidence, and such, etc.

Check out their blog at: https://www.piapelkonen.co.uk/journal

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Casa Botelho

Casa Botelho was established by João Botelho. Before establishing his firm, João worked in the global luxury retail for more than 22 years. However, João wanted to do more. And this pushed him to move to London where he began to work under prestigious interior designers. After working with such designers, there came a point where João gained enough experience, inspiring him to explore the undiscovered areas of interior designing through his creations.

Titles are the one thing that will attract you to the Casa Botelho blog. The titles present with the blog articles are so good that they are bound to compel you to read through one article, then another, and then another, before you realize the sheer number of articles that you read. Written crisply, these articles mesmerize you to point where you don’t want to put them down until the end.

Check out their blog at: https://www.casabotelho.com/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]


Topology is completely in contrast to the other websites present on this list. For this blog deals with providing design services via the means of their blog. Set-up by the design duo Athina Bluff and Amy Brandhorst, the blog propagates knowledge primarily revolving around the theme of affordability. To ensure this, they share the top tips and secrets that you can use to enhance your living environment, irrespective of the space.

Focusing primarily on providing services in the form of ideas, the blog provides a few of the most top-grade articles that you might have ever come across. They provide everything that you need to know to keep up with the trends, new and improved materials, project reveals, decor for outdoor, and much more. Moreover, they also take you through the journey of exploring homes through some of the most eminent celebrities.

Check out their blog at: https://www.topologyinteriors.com/topology-blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

AB Design and Interiors

AB Design and Interiors focus massively on minimalism. This is made well-aware when you approach their blog, the first quote that you notice is, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know how to be useful to believe to be beautiful.” Born out of a collaboration between two childhood friends Annie and Anna, the firm is led by two strong individuals with a background of art and antiques respectively.

The AB Design and Interiors is another blog that focuses hugely on providing articles in the form of series. They provide articles with comprised festivals, interviews, introducing new art styles and so much more.

Check out their blog at: http://abdesignandinteriors.co.uk/index.php/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Cherie Lee Interiors

Based in cities of Hertfordshire and London, Cherie Lee Interiors specializes in blending classic features with the contemporary to create diverse forms of modern stylings. As a result of such efforts, the firm worked an impressive number of projects, adding up to form an extraordinary portfolio. Simply by understanding the personality of the client, the firm redesigns properties that exactly meet the needs of the clients.

The Cherie Lee Interiors blog focuses on a diverse range of topics that include styles, trends, must-have products, home comfort products, how to welcome the holidays and so much more. Spend some time and you will find yourself in the midst of some of the greatest articles ever written.

Check out their blog at: https://www.cherieleeinteriors.co.uk/blog/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

Founded in 2000 by Martin Brudnizki, the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio has a team comprising of more than 70 interior designers, architects, lighting designers, product designers, and much more. The studio exhibits extraordinary levels of commitment to provide out-of-the-world experiences for their customers, simply by carefully studying the project context, client lifestyle, and much more.

The blog contains a few of the most profound articles that you will find which are created in a classic design and bestowed with more contemporary content. The crisp language, elegant design, clutter-free environment is sure to consume a beautiful afternoon of yours as you continue reading through the blogs.

Check out their blog at: https://mbds.com/journal/

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke is an interior designer, a designer of furniture and lighting, and a dealer in antiques. She is truly a high-performance person who has been catering to numerous clients along the length and breadth of the UK. The designer has been extensively implementing her skills to combine the old and the new, creating a style that is well-revered by designers all around.

And upon her blogs, you will find solutions relating to exactly this. With articles on antiques, trends, lighting and such, the Rose Uniacke blog is certainly one for you if you’re hugely a fan of the skills provided by the owner.

Check out their blog at: https://www.roseuniacke.com/magazine

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]

Bergman & Mar

Bergman & Mar was started and is led by Petra Arko, the founder and creative director. Born in Slovenia, Petra studied economics and international business in Slovenia and Australia. And it was after working with a business consultancy and with human resources, that she finally worked on pursuing her lifelong passion for interiors.

The Bergman & Mar blog, too, contains a multi-varied list of articles that you can go through. Multi-varied, because there is no limit to the types of articles that you will find here. A few include; discussing important topics, such as real estate, talking about their new projects, interviews about notable celebrities and much more!

Check out their blog at: https://bergmanandmar.com/new-blog

Or, shoot them an email at: [email protected]


And there you go. Those are some of the most profound, thought-provoking, mesmerizing, and interesting blogs that you will ever need for your interior design needs. Do you want to get a more minimalistic approach, or do you want your space to be adorned with the best antiques placed from around the world? Regardless of either, these blogs will quench your needs for all that you need. Moreover, they will also keep you updated with the trends, the news, and the other happenings in the world of interior design.

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