Light or Dark Wood Flooring — How to Decide?

Light or Dark Wood Flooring — How to Decide?

2nd May 2022

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Dark wood floors have been a hot trend for quite some time now; simply because they struck the right note with most wood lovers.

At the same time, light hardwood is chic and fashionable — a refreshing backdrop for bright colours and a gorgeous addition to any scheme.

Selecting the right wood colour is a big decision.

If you’re trying to choose between light and dark wood flooring, below are the main aspects you may need to take into account.

The Style of the Room

If you are redecorating the whole room and replacing all furnishings and accessories, then this gives you more scope with your flooring choice.

If it’s new floors for existing furniture and decorative accents; it’s crucial to think about the overall look of the room with both a dark and a light flooring option.

Light hardwood floors complement a room with dark and heavy furniture — and can add a cheerful, airy and modern appeal to it.

Dark floors can transform a room with neutral walls and furniture into a cosy relaxation area.

It really shows off the rich details and the beauty of the natural grain patterns that aren’t as apparent in light options.

The size of the Room

Light hardwood floors will open up the room and lend a more spacious appeal; therefore, they are more suitable for smaller spaces.

On the other hand, dark hardwood flooring will anchor a large space and provide a warmer tone; hence it’s suitable for open floor plans.

It’s essential to give great thought to the overall visual appearance and illusion you desire for your interior space.

The amount of Natural Light in the Room

The last factor to take into consideration is the amount of natural light the room gets.

If the room has limited natural light then consider light floors as a better option to make it appear brighter —dark colours tend to have a dimming effect.

Boldly venture into dark hardwood flooring if you have plenty of natural light.

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