Antique & Reclaimed Geometric Floor Panels

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The most commonly recognised parquet panel in the antique flooring world is the Parquet de Versailles. Initially a symbol of royal sovereign taste, is now synonymous with modern and timeless classic design. Our Original French Versailles Panels are an example of true artistry and detailed work that encompasses our world-class floor finishing.

These particular block panels are made from reclaimed French original floorboards. We then cut and shape each block before considering its precise positioning. Individually we insert the pieces, fill the gaps and then shape the board again to ensure an even distribution. Each inserted block is hand-worked to compliment its neighbour, which is of vital importance because of the unique surface undulations found in genuine, reclaimed oak surfaces.

** Because this is a rare antique material be do not give out hand samples of this product. If you would like to see it in person you can do so at the London Showroom.

Need a floor for your project?

As an artisanal company, we make everything to order. Please tell us about your project. In addition, our made-to-order floors require a 30m2 minimum. We appreciate your consideration.

Technical Specification

Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?

30m2 for all our collections/products

Lead time for Orders

It depends on the product and stock. Please get in touch with us for specific lead times.

Lead time for Samples

Our Samples have a lead time of 5-10 working days for UK destinations. Please get in touch with us for International lead times

Do you export internationally?

We are an international company, we have sales representatives in the USA, UK and Scandinavia. For all other global markets, we are able to provide quotes F.O.B.

Should I be concerned about the colour variation within a product?

If you are concerned about colour variation you can order a sample panel for a refundable deposit. Please remember that we are not creating exact copies of floor panels or hand samples, we are creating individual floors with their own unique personality and charm.

Sizes & Finishes

Est. .8m2 & 1m2
Est. .8m2 & 1m2
Surface Texture
Gloss, Satin

Technical Specification

European Oak (Quercus Robur)
E: A/B S: A/B
Commercial, Residential
Solid, SE
Micro Bevel, Soft Round
Installation Technique
Suitable For Ufh