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After searching for eleven months for the perfect wooden floor and ordering more than fifty samples from various wood flooring companies, our client found what he was looking for.

Gord, our customer, even took a train from London to Cheshire to see our workshop and inspect the floor.

The first floor wasn’t right, so we adjusted and supplied a more specific product, our reclaimed engineered estate oak.

This wooden floor integrates perfectly with the minimalist style of this home. The warm tones of the mid-brown wood combine with the character of this property to deliver a modern and relaxed environment. The different light levels in each room create a sense of depth to the floor, which sits comfortably alongside the industrial feel of the décor and furnishings.

Each piece is up to 400 years old and is hand-crafted to restore its original patina.

The texture and finish reflect an authenticity only found on a wooden floor of this provenance.

The floor is almost down and Gord myself and Matt the installer are super pleased!  Gord was especially impressed with Matt’s detail work and technical knowledge, it’s just such a beautiful floor in a unique setting with lots of natural light and natural wood features. 

Gord Ray - works at Instagram UK