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About this project

Crafted by the esteemed Architecture and Interior Design Studio TR Studio (@tomruttstudio), Malverleys Farm & Dining emerges as a delightful space housing a cosy restaurant, a carefully curated gift shop, and an area designated for captivating lectures. This initiative seeks to enrich the local community, offering a fresh nexus for convivial coffee meetups, savouring wholesome culinary delights, and sourcing locally grown produce. Central to its ethos remains a steadfast commitment to sustainability and preservation, all cocooned within an ambience radiating tranquillity and solace.

Our Highland Manor, seamlessly blending with natural elements, was chosen for this venture. These resplendent tones effortlessly capture the very essence of oak, ageing gracefully while maintaining an enduring allure. The inherent warmth and sophistication exuded by Highland Manor possess a rare quality, capable of transforming any space from the mundane to the extraordinary.