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What an absolute pleasure it was to fit our New Orleans natural oak flooring in Red’s True Barbecue in Bath. The American themed barbecue diner is an excellent setting for the soft mixed brown hues of this tailor made patina flooring, which is hard-wearing enough to withstand the constant heavy traffic flow of a busy restaurant.

The client’s careful selection of wooden flooring blends seamlessly with the natural exposed brickwork, subtle lighting, and basic but comfortable furnishings to achieve a low-key relaxed atmosphere in this popular barbecue-themed restaurant. The understated mix of weathered flooring and layered tones of brown fuse together perfectly to create a dining spot that feels like it´s in the heart of the county of Louisana, instead of in the historic city of Bath.

We’re proud to showcase our New Orleans oak flooring in Red’s True Barbecue and we’re delighted with the final finish which complements the overall warm and cosy feel of the restaurant. The authentic US-influenced interior is the ideal backdrop for a floor that is warm, rich, appears well-worn, and sits beautifully with the overall theme of the restaurant.

This project was a delight to work on, and we wish this hotspot for hospitality every success.

Location: Bath

Supplied: 300m2