Rachel Chudley: Disrupting Design

Rachel Chudley: Disrupting Design

15th August 2023

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In the world of interior design, where creativity runs free, Rachel Chudley has emerged as a rising star, captivating the design industry with her bold and unapologetically unique approach.

With a portfolio that is a testament to her innovative spirit, Rachel Chudley has quickly become a designer to watch, infusing spaces with an eclectic blend of styles, colours, and textures that defy convention.

One material that holds a special place in her design repertoire is wood, harnessing this natural resource to create stunning design features that infuse warmth, texture, and character into her projects.

A Unique Perspective

Rachel Chudley’s journey into the design world has been fascinating, marked by a distinctive style that disrupts the norms of vast white spaces and sleek finishes.

Explosions of rich colour, contrasting textures and tactile finishes embody the essence of opulent maximalism in her recent projects, making her stand out from many of her peers.

Contrasting Elements

One such captivating chapter can be found in her collaboration with a London Victorian house, as featured in House & Garden.

Chudley’s prowess lies in her ability to seamlessly blend historical elements with contemporary sensibilities, breathing new life into spaces while respecting their heritage.

Among her recent projects, Rachel Chudley has three London townhouses, where she transformed the interiors into harmonious convergences of textures and hues, drawing inspiration from both the past and the present.

Her bold use of colour and unexpected combinations created a genuinely captivating visual tapestry.

She uses wood to build a bridge between the historical context of the houses and the contemporary design narrative.

Chudley seamlessly integrates wooden elements, infusing these spaces with timelessness.

From exposed wooden beams that hark back to the past across wooden flooring, which provides warmth and luxury, to bespoke wooden furniture that brings modern functionality, her touch enhances the interiors with a touch of organic elegance.

Connection to Spaces

As highlighted in a feature by The Times, Rachel Chudley’s designs are not just about aesthetics; they’re about evoking emotions and sparking conversations.

Her approach challenges the notion of what is considered “safe” in interior design, encourages her clients to embrace the unexpected and celebrates the individuality of each space. 

Unrivalled Innovation

A testament to her versatility and design ingenuity can be found in her work with Victorian stables, as discussed in an article by Inigo.

This project exemplifies Chudley’s ability to reimagine spaces in unconventional ways.

Converting stables into functional and aesthetic homes requires a special touch, and Rachel’s design philosophy seamlessly intertwines history and modernity.

In these spaces, wood transforms from utilitarian building material to a canvas for her creative expression.

She leverages wood to create bespoke cabinetry, intricately carved room dividers, and statement furniture pieces.

Her innovative repurposing of spaces demonstrates her commitment to sustainability and her knack for turning limitations into opportunities.

Design Innovation

Rachel Chudley’s impact on the design world isn’t limited to physical spaces alone.

Her ability to push boundaries caught the attention of Frederic Magazine, where she was featured in a challenge that made her creative boundaries even further.

It’s a glimpse into the mind of a designer who thrives on breaking conventions and challenging the norm.

Antique wooden furniture crowns rooms whose walls are covered with richly coloured opulent fabrics, and typical colourways are eschewed.

The breathtaking results testify to her deep connections to the spaces she creates.

Bold and Brave

In addition to her ability to transform conventional spaces, Rachel Chudley’s distinctive vision finds expression in her use of colour, as evidenced in her work featured by House & Garden.

For Rachel Chudley, colour is not just a visual element but a narrative tool that shapes the atmosphere and character of a room.

Her fearless approach to blending unexpected shades creates dynamic and captivating interiors that stimulate the senses and provoke thought.

Express Yourself

Her unwavering dedication to authenticity and innovation sets Rachel Chudley apart from her peers.

Her ability to convert the ordinary into the extraordinary, as highlighted by The Times, has earned her a reputation as an interior design maverick.

Her work speaks volumes about her commitment to pushing boundaries, sparking conversations, and inspiring others to embrace design as self-expression.


In conclusion, Rachel Chudley’s journey as an interior designer is an inspiring tale of unbound creativity. Her ability to weave together unexpected elements, reimagine spaces, and challenge design conventions has catapulted her into the spotlight. From her groundbreaking work on historical homes to her feature in design challenges, she continues to push the envelope, encouraging her clients to embrace the beauty in the unconventional. As we follow her career, it’s evident that Rachel Chudley is a design force to be reckoned with, and her influence on the design world is only beginning.




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