Sustainable Interior Design Trends for 2024: A Focus on Well-Being and the Planet

Sustainable Interior Design Trends for 2024: A Focus on Well-Being and the Planet

6th February 2024

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2024 is poised to be a year of sustainability in interior design, driven by a growing awareness of the environmental impact of manufactured materials.

Consumers now more than ever recognize the need to prioritize natural materials and biophilic design, making sustainability a mainstream concern.

In the wake of allegations of greenwashing by major brands in 2023 and ongoing discoveries about the dangers of microplastics, the shift toward sustainable design is a natural response to safeguard our homes and the planet.

Sustainable interior design trends for 2024 will revolve around the origins, reusability, and eco-friendliness of the materials we incorporate into our living spaces.

These trends will also include the latest energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies, resulting in biophilic, technologically advanced environments that enhance our well-being and our families.

Embracing Durability and Timelessness

Creating sustainable homes hinges on materials’ durability and timeless design quality.

Thoughtful choices of robust, natural materials like reclaimed wood and stone offer longevity and adaptability, evolving gracefully with our changing needs.

When combined with timeless designs crafted by skilled artisans, our choices become an investment in both our homes and the planet, aligning with the ethos of sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

The year 2024 will witness a shift towards kitchens constructed from sustainable materials, leaving behind the era of cheap, disposable alternatives.

The focus will be on materials that endure and represent genuine investments in our homes and the environment.

Consumers will actively seek out suppliers with green credentials, looking for certifications like FSC, LEED, and B Corp to ensure the sustainability of their choices.

Technology and Ecology

Integrating technology into homes, historically not synonymous with sustainability, is evolving to align with eco-consciousness.

Tech companies are responding to consumer demands for sustainability, incorporating Wi-Fi technologies to future-proof home appliances.

Modern tech-enabled appliances are designed for energy efficiency and resource conservation, making them indispensable components of sustainable design in 2024.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, beneficial for both well-being and the planet, can transform our homes into havens of serenity.

Incorporating elements like plants, wood, and stone improves air quality and connects us to the natural world, promoting ecological harmony and personal tranquillity.

Sustainable Personalization

Customizing our living spaces to suit our specific needs, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, is critical to future-proofing our designs.

Multifunctional and adaptable spaces that can transition to meet evolving needs without replacing existing elements will be central to personalization in 2024.

Modular design and transformative layouts, crafted from sustainable materials and practices, will define this approach.

Sustainable Colour Trends

Colour trends in 2024 draw inspiration from nature, with warm hues reflecting natural tones, from winter sky creams to forest greens and earthy reds and oranges.

Nature-mimicking colours enhance the biophilic experience of our spaces, echoing their calming effects.

Selecting paints and wall coverings from manufacturers with ecological credentials, such as being plastic-free, low VOC, and B Corp certified remains essential.

In addition, PANTONE selected 13-1023 Peach Fuzz to become the colour of the year 2024.

An indicator that earthy palettes and colours that nurture the spirit, mind, body, and soul align with current wellness trends.

Sustainable Design for 2024

In 2024, consumers are acutely aware of the importance of protecting the environment and making thoughtful choices.

Prioritizing sustainable design is not just a trend; it’s a philosophy that helps us make conscientious decisions for our homes and the planet.


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