Engineered Flooring Guarantee

This manufacturing guarantee is for all of our European Engineered oak wood floors, which have been manufacturing using WPB (Water Proof Boiled) Birch ply.

This Guarantee is against de-lamination only which occurs in the 12 months following installation of the flooring. If de-lamination occurs during that period, The Reclaimed Flooring Company, upon inspection and verification that none of the criteria set out below in respect of non-application of the guarantee are applicable, will repair or replace the board or boards that have de-laminated.

No refunds of any kind will be given.

Terms & Specifics

Base: 100% Russian birch plywood exterior glued water boiled proof wbp 72 hours in boiling water without delaminating.

Top layer and base are glued with D3 polyvinyl acetate pva exterior glue pressed with 27kg/cm2.

Situations in which this guarantee will not apply:


  • Manufacturing guarantee against de-laminating is offered providing the floors have been fitted correctly and correct UFH usage has been implemented.
  • We cannot guarantee against de-lamination when the floor has been ‘cooked’ or subjected to hotspots by the use of thick rugs or other sources of excess heat. Excess heat will subject the timber to more than the advised (British Standards) temperature of 27 degrees C.
  • The floor must never be taken above 27 degrees C.
  • Drying cracks in the oak top layer are not covered by this guarantee.
  • The relative humidity in the room should always be between 40 and 65 % under normal room temperature and never go below 40 %.
  • The under floor heating pipes should be at a minimum depth of 30 mm to avoid hot spots, the concrete floor should never exceed 27 degree C.
  • The temperature in the room should be increased or lowered with a maximum 2 degrees C per day when using the under floor heating system. Otherwise such extreme temperature changes will cause excess stress on the timber.
  • The floor should not be covered with material which could disturb transport of heat.