Flooring Styles Explained

Wood Flooring Styles Explained


As a long-standing symbol of craftsmanship and design, there is no greater statement floor than Parquet. The most popular parquet patterns are Herringbone, Chevron and strip oak flooring are all laid in individual pieces which then have a border constructed using the same blocks or planks finished in the same colour. The grand French Parquet de Versaille is also a popular pattern. This type of parquet is constructed in 1m2 panels with a border build out using the same material in plank form.

Engineered parquet is designed to be compatible with underfloor heating and can be made in several different sizes and colours. Reclaimed parquet can also come in in different sizes and shapes and because each batch is slightly different the colour and texture will vary. Reclaimed parquet requires sanding and colouring onsite once the material is fit, whereas new parquet can be pre-coloured and requires no sanding. We can also make bespoke geometric parquet in a variety of patterns using either engineered or solid oak.

Luxury Wood Floors:

Luxury comes in many forms and undoubtedly a handmade, well-crafted floor is one of them. We take great pride in the genuine craftsmanship of our luxury flooring and bespoke creations. Antique timbers combined with exclusive finishes and specialised textures like hand scraping and carving will not only give you a luxurious floor but indeed a luxurious interior.

We source all of our timber houses which gives our clients access to some of the most authentic and superb wood floorings in the world. Our personalised approach to client relations means we consider every element of the project and will find the best possible fit for each client. Luxury for us is not just about the product but the service we provide as well. We offer design consultations as well as expert advice from industry-leading professionals, helping carry your project from conception to completion with the utmost care, expertise and authentically beautiful wood.

Wide Plank:

Wide plank flooring has been a long-standing symbol of elegant, timeless flooring. Although wide plank flooring is a hallmark of traditional Georgian design it is by no means restricted to antique finishes. Any tone on a wide plank floor adds an unmistakable element of design and craft. Stretched beautifully across a room this type of flooring is a stand out feature in any space.

Narrow Plank:

Narrow Plank or Strip Oak flooring is a modernist revival perfect for adding a distinctive design trait without overwhelming the overall composition of the space. When finished in a clean raw oak tone this style of flooring is an excellent complement to the minimalist, modern interior. However, finishing the floor with a rich traditional stain has equally striking results with a more dramatic effect. As a reclaimed product, there is the added benefit of being able to leave this material unfinished creating an authentic time-worn presence.

Surfaces Undulation:

One of the most beautiful traits in a reclaimed floor is the delicate, fine-tuned undulation that is created with time. Solid wood will expand and shrink over many years leaving the surface of wood altered with the imprint of time passed. This is one of the most prized aesthetics when choosing a reclaimed floor and the true hallmark of its authenticity.

Although it takes many decades for wood to change and adjust its shape, our specialised Castle platform uses new wood to mimic this old effect. Each one of our Castle boards is hand shaped to reveal a slightly curved surface on either engineered or solid wood. The overall effect is both striking and in keeping with the look of traditional timbers. This type of new wood platform is especially good for period home renovations that are using underfloor heating systems. The engineered platform ensures stability while the hand-shaped curved surface creates the effect of natural solid wood undulation.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a current major trend in the design community. Restaurants, hotels and offices all benefit from a stunning feature wall while residential properties can easily turn a blank wall into a bespoke creation. Mixed width and multi-coloured reclaimed cladding is an excellent way to bring a bit of the outdoors within. Using more modern colours on engineered or solid platforms can create a high-end and exceptionally sleek looking component in even the most simple of spaces.