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About this project

Modern European delicacies with subtle influences from South Africa serve as a savouring experience on Peckham’s Queen Street in London.

Having worked on a range of both local and international projects, Alessio Nardi, founder of A-nrd, carefully curates detailed and multi-layered concept designs with superlative attention to detail.

For this project, Nardi worked closely with the owners to create a warm ambience that’s inviting and relevant with reclaimed materials, plush furnishings, earthy-saturated tones, and opulent finishes and accents that best showcase refined craftsmanship.

Stepping inside, the interior brings to focus a central horseshoe bar that makes a bold statement with a sky-high back display set against an arched-shaped mirror enveloped in dark oak timber.

The indulgent interior hint at the early 20th-century continental train station cafes enlivened with a standout brass overhead featuring a glistering glass display. Together with the Italian rose stone countertop with a scalloped edge in contrasting marbles, delivers an awe-inspiring timeless elegance.


Architect: @a_nrdstudio
Photography: Claire Menary⁠