Production Process

The RFC Creative Vision

Through our specialist finishing techniques and colouring processes, we can not only enhance these characteristics but replicate them to superb standards using both new and reclaimed timber. Our network of specialists and in-house team of highly skilled craftsmen have created a variety of organic tones and textures in which no other man-made material can match.

While many admire the beauty of ‘aged’ wood or ‘character’, very few understand and appreciate their unique qualities and the extent of their innate beauty. We seek to change that.

In our workshop and London studio, we continually work alongside leading designers and architects as we continually break free from the chains of convention and tradition within the industry.

We are not only resellers of imported floorboards like the majority of our competitors, but we are also experienced craftsmen providing a professional service on an international scale. We invite you to look closer and compare samples, you will appreciate the difference.