New European Oak

The RFC Production Process With New European Oak

The beginnings of a beautiful new wood floor come from hand-selected sustainable woodlands. We pride ourselves on sourcing our new European oak from specific forests that run across Northern Europe, we call our specific grade of new oak ‘Mountain Oak’. Our Mountain oak is slower grown and shows rich and consistent character which is vital when supplying such large quantities of flooring and manipulating tannin levels within the oak itself.

Over the years we have learnt that oak sourced from regulated forests where the trees are given time to mature is more suitable to our business. Commercial forests designed for deforestation are constructed by placing the trees very close together to maximise space and profit. However, because commercially grown trees are compact they are exposed to less sunlight, therefore growing straight up towards the sun at an accelerated rate with fewer branches.

By comparison, trees from naturally occurring forests grow out and wide at a much slower rate contributing many branches. This type of natural growth displays a more beautiful character within the wood by offering a plethora of knots and a stronger grain. Combine these elements with the specific soil nutrition found in these mountainous areas and the result is a specifically refined oak perfect for our production. We are proud to provide this naturally grown and sustainably harvested wood for a beautiful floor of exceptional quality every time.