Georgian Bay

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New Wood

Sourced from audited forests

Georgian Bay is a wonderful option, marrying timeless appeal with a dash of modernity that doesn’t overwhelm.

Hailing from Europe, this oak, often referred to as ‘European Mountain Oak,’ flourishes in high-altitude regions with scant water resources. Here, the trees mature at a leisurely pace, resulting in wood grains that are tightly woven, making the oak notably dense and brimming with character.

It’s a fantastic and stylish choice, well-suited for contemporary and classically designed interiors seeking a wood floor with a discreet and authentic aesthetic. Ridge Peak exudes a subtle, organic charm that never appears over-processed, presenting wood in its purest form, and honouring its origins.

Among the UK’s few, we proudly craft our oak flooring with top-tier Waterproof Boiled Birch plywood, enhancing durability to face environmental challenges like flooding or extreme conditions. This floor promises a unified colour across your floor, achieved through meticulous machining and cutting top layers. Unlike quicker methods, our approach minimizes the risk of stark colour disparities often witnessed in the industry.

Natural Modern Collection

A contemporary collection for the urban dweller who loves nature as much as the city. These subtle yet striking tones create an array of natural motifs and organic hues typical of our most complex colouring techniques and processes.

Whether you prefer bright and airy or soft and smokey, The Natural Modern collection is the ideal complement for creating high-end sophisticated interiors with a purely natural pallet.

Hand-Crafted in Cheshire

Classic by design and in preparation for absorbing the colour, we gently clean & rub the oak surface, opening the pores of the wood to further absorb our organic colouring formulas.

Specialist patinas created through the layering of organic compounds reveal a depth of feeling unseen in flat commercial washes. ⁠Slow production is our pride and inspiration in everything that we do. When creating ‘time’, there is no quick fix.

Need a floor for your project?

As an artisanal company, we make everything to order. Please tell us about your project. In addition, our made-to-order floors require a 30m2 minimum. We appreciate your consideration.

Order a Sample!

Mini Panel

Compare construction, shades, patinas & texture. To feel the wood itself in your hand really helps you to fully appreciate the quality of our creations.

Sample Price: £25.00

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We make our bespoke samples to order: sizes may vary, 25cm x 30cm. In addition, kindly allow 3-8 working days for us to prepare your genuine artisanal mini-panel.

Technical Specification
Accessories & Mouldings

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30m2 for all our collections/products

Lead time for Orders

It depends on the product and stock. Please get in touch with us for specific lead times.

Lead time for Samples

Our Samples have a lead time of 5-10 working days for UK destinations. Please get in touch with us for International lead times

Do you export internationally?

We are an international company, we have sales representatives in the USA, UK and Scandinavia. For all other global markets, we are able to provide quotes F.O.B.

Should I be concerned about the colour variation within a product?

If you are concerned about colour variation you can order a sample panel for a refundable deposit. Please remember that we are not creating exact copies of floor panels or hand samples, we are creating individual floors with their own unique personality and charm.

Sizes & Finishes

16mm (4+12), 21mm (6+15) [5/8", or 13/16"]
185, 220mm [7’ 5/16", or 8’ 11/16"]
400-2440mm - 80% > 1800mm [1' 3 3/4" - 8' 1/16". 80% of boards will be 5' 10 7/8"+]
Surface Texture
Hard Wax Oil
Satin Matte
N.B. Custom sizes available up to 450cm long and 26cm to 45cm wide. Please enquire.

Technical Specification

European Oak (Quercus Robur)
By Request Only
Commercial, Residential
Large Micro Bevel
Installation Technique
Glue, Secret Nail
Tongue & Groove
Suitable For Ufh
Slip Rating
Fire Rating
16mm - Dfl s1 / 21mm - Cfl s1

16mm Bull Nose

16mm Ramp

16mm Square Nosing

16mm Stop End

16mm 'T' Bar

20/21mm Bull Nose

20/21mm Ramp

20/21mm T Bar

20/21mm Square Nosing