The British Public House Collection: The Sheep Heid Inn

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New Wood

Sourced from audited forests

Ah, the charming Sheep Heid Inn nestled in Edinburgh, reportedly Scotland’s most ancient watering hole, with its roots stretching back to the year 1360, if you can believe it!

Back in the day, when medieval Edinburgh was abuzz, sheep were herded down to Duddingston for the not-so-pleasant business of slaughter, having been fattened in the lush pastures of Holyrood Park.

The inventive locals, never ones to waste, concocted a myriad of recipes to honour the sheep’s noggin – thus, the rather evocative moniker. And it’s not just any old pub; it’s had its fair share of illustrious patrons over the centuries, including the dashing Bonnie Prince Charlie himself.


The British Public House Collection

This collection draws its essence from Britain's most ancient pubs.

In the spirit of tradition, casual conversation and great storytelling, we have created what we believe to be the finest alternative to a genuine Antique Reclaimed timber surface we have ever seen.

But, ah, there's a twist! This is a brand-spanking new oak floor. It's been harvested with care and aged with an artful touch, giving it a venerable appearance while retaining a certain je ne sais quoi of the new. It's like taking a walk through history with a modern pair of shoes – quite the delightful juxtaposition.

Hand-Crafted in Cheshire

One can't help but marvel at the 'Plucked' technique we've employed.

Far from the ordinary Wire Brushing, it's as if each stroke of our unique, world-exclusive machine dances across the wood, imparting a texture rich in variation and depth.

The result? A surface that whispers tales of authenticity and innovation.

And the protagonist of our story? Of course, the venerable Old Growth French Oak is sourced with the utmost respect for sustainability. It's not just craftsmanship; it's a reverie carved into wood.

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Sizes & Finishes

20mm, varying thickness due to crafting
Mixed width plank only (Other options coming soon)
Max length 2.5m, mostly long length planks.
Surface Texture
Gentle surface undulation

Technical Specification

Old growth French Oak from sustainable sources.
Heavy character wood grade as standard
Commercial, Residential
Installation Technique
Glue, Secret Nail
Suitable For Ufh
Plucked, Sculpted, Brushed
Knots & Shakes
Open, Not Filled

20/21mm Bull Nose

20/21mm Ramp

20/21mm T Bar

20/21mm Square Nosing

20mm Stop End